P80, Spectre 2 80% Compact Endoskeleton, Exoskeleton Module, Black

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Product Description


Introducing the Polymer80 Spectre 2 80% Compact Endoskeleton (aka ‘FCU’) with the Spectre 2 Compact Exoskeleton Grip Module.

The Spectre 2 Endoskeleton is a machined insert made from 4140 steel with a nitride finish combining what would otherwise be a locking block, front rail, and rear rail, into a single component.

The Spectre 2 Endoskeleton is compatible with the Defense Distributed jig fixture.

The end user, upon removal and completion of the trigger housing block, magazine block, pin holes and front rail/ barrel block, can then install Polymer80 PF-Series or Glock® Gen3 compatible trigger components.

The Spectre II Endoskeleton is pinned in place to the Polymer80 Spectre 2 Compact Exoskeleton Grip Module by two, 3mm pins. These pins are independent from the trigger components and are utilized only to hold the Endoskeleton (‘FCU’) in the Exoskeleton (‘Grip Module’).

The Spectre 2 Exoskeleton is made from high-strength Nylon 11. Like our other P80 designs, it has a textured grip, the extended beaver tail, double undercut trigger guard, and a thumb ledge, considerably enhance the ergonomics allowing for an effective grip and improved recoil mitigation.

Product Includes:

1x 80% Spectre II Endoskeleton

2x 3mm pins

1x 80% Spectre 2 Exoskeleton (Grip Module)


(***Slide in photos not included)

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