P80, Spectre 2 80% Compact Endoskeleton

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Product Description



Introducing the Polymer80 Spectre 2 80% Compact Endoskeleton (aka ‘FCU’) for use in the Spectre 2 Compact Exoskeleton Grip Module.

The Spectre 2 Endoskeleton is a machined insert made from 4140 steel with a nitride finish combining what would otherwise be a locking block, front rail, and rear rail, into a single component.

The Spectre 2 Endoskeleton is compatible with the Defense Distributed jig fixture.

The end user, upon removal and completion of the trigger housing block, magazine block, pin holes and front rail/ barrel block, can then install Polymer80 PF-Series or Glock® Gen3 compatible trigger components.

The Spectre II Endoskeleton is pinned in place to the Polymer80 Spectre 2 Compact Exoskeleton Grip Module by two, 3mm pins. These pins are independent from the trigger components and are utilized only to hold the FCU in the Grip Module. 

Product Includes:

1x 80% Spectre II Endoskeleton

2x 3mm pins

(***Slide in photos not included)

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