How To

These are the How-To instructions for the Polymer80 jig and lower systems.


Select the instructions based on the version of the product you own. Please note that while the videos are very informative, you will need to download and read the PDF instructions. The videos do not contain the sizing info that is required to properly mill out the lower receiver. We urge you to use the videos as a secondary visual guide after reading the instructions.


G150 – Phoenix versions 1 and 2 (Use for RL556v3™)

• G150 Phoenix (All Black Core) PDF: Click Here


RJ556U Universal Jig for Milspec 80% AR-15 Lower Receivers 

• RJ556U Instructions PDF: Click Here  


.308 WarrHogg Lower Receiver

• WarrHogg instructions (PDF): Click Here 


PF940V1.5 80% Pistol Frame

• PF940V1.5 80% Polymer Pistol Frame Instructions (PDF): Click Here


PF-Series™ 80% Pistol Frames

• PF940SC™ SubCompact 80% Pistol Frame Kit Instructions (PDF): Click Here

• PF940C™ Compact 80% Pistol Frame Kit Instructions (PDF): Click Here

• PF940CL™   Hybrid 80% Pistol Frame Kit Instructions (PDF): Click Here

• PF940v2™ Full Size 80% Pistol Frame Kit Instructions (PDF): Click Here

• PF45™ Large 80% Pistol Frame Kit Instructions (PDF): Click Here


PF320PTEX™ Grip Module

• PF320PTEX™ Grip Module Installation Guide (PDF): Click Here


80% Lower Receiver Builds:

Tips, Tricks and Techniques


How to Build AR15s: Several great links and articles are included below to get you started. Choose which article fits your learning style. These articles also can be utilized for the .308 WarrHogg rifle build as well.

Please note some key differences on our G150 lower receiver as you read through the articles.  When they discuss the bolt catch assembly, our system uses a stainless steel dowel pin and set screw rather than the roll pin that comes with most lower parts kits. Just ignore these sections that don’t apply.


Install the spring, bolt catch plunger, and bolt catch using our stainless dowel pin to hold the bolt catch in place. Finally, install the small black set screw to secure the dowel pin. A moderate amount of force is required to start threading the set screw.  Our lower receivers also use a square nut and screw to install the pistol grip rather than the screw and washer provided in most lower parts kits.


Article Link                 
Brownells Videos: How to assemble an AR15
(The most applicable sections are Upper and Lower Receiver
installs, Handguard and Muzzle Break installation)
(Click Here) Article: How to Build an AR15
(Lots of detailed pictures in this one)
(Click Here)